Find your tribe – See the world


What we do

Hey there, it’s your new overseas schoolies adventure.

I was made for those looking to ditch the usual tourist traps, see the world and do something different to celebrate finishing high school.

We’ll still have plenty of white sand and blue water, but this will be an adventure you’ll never forget – as opposed to a week you might not remember.


where we go

We travel to some of the most beautiful destinations on planet earth.

From the islands of Fiji to wild forests in Costa Rica, from aqua blue oceans in Thailand to the magical Harbors of Vietnam. We’re pretty keen on blue water and white sand, but we also like bustling cities and fast paced adventures.

We go all kinds of places, walking as visitors through our neighbours backyards.


Who we are

We’re a group of diverse and passionate explorers from all walks of life.

Over the last 30 years we’ve seen more than 150,000+ students travel with us to over 40 destinations. We’ve made it our mission to create the most powerful and authentic overseas travel experiences on the planet.